What is Mirrorless Camera?

Sony Mirrorless Camera
Sony Mirrorless Camera

Mirrorless camera is now popular. Camera have evolve  for the past generation from larger format to now full frame and APC sensor. Mirrorless was original created in the 1907 with Minilota company. The mirror on the body camera was bigger and the film and was 2 times far from the to the body of the camera.

medium format camera
medium format camera

Large format camera have similar design with the mirroless camera. The similary of both camera is the body of the camera and the lens is far and the lens of the camera have same diameter. Sony, Nikon and Canon design their mirrorless camera base of one orignal mirroless camera.

What is a Mirrorless Camera?

What is a Mirrorless Camera ?

Mirrorless Camera does not require a reflex mirror. The word “mirrorless” does not mean no pitcal mirror or an optical viewfinder.  A mirrorless camera have electronic viewfinder which display what the camera image sensor though the lens. 

Mirrorless degisn is different from each company but their have some feature that make them mirrorless.

canon mirrorless
Sony a7 II

Lens For mirrorless 

Tamron 70-210mm
canon mirrorless
Tamron 70-210mm


full frame mirrorless cameras
Mirrorless Lens

Camera Aperture & Focus Lengths



Aperture is how much a light want to hit your camera sensor. The Maximum aperture number measured in f-number for f-stop. For example, f1.8 to f22 depending on the lens. You will see some f-stop varies and it dependent of the lens.

Denver Photographer
Idriss K Photography

Focus lengths

Focus lengths is the distance from the lens to the sensors of the camera itself. Prime lens are lenses that lack the zoom function. Most prime lens are used to for portraits, a 50 mn and 85 mn lens are fix lenses. The focal length ranges of the lens is found on the camera body and sometime found next to an aperture number. Prime or Zoom lens have it benefit depending on what is the purpose of the lenses.

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Digital Camera

What is a Digital Camera? 


A Digital Camera records or stores digital images for later used. Digital Camera has evolved during the past 15 years. Digital Camera had change how we see photography unlike film cameras who are less popular now. 


Types of Digital Camera: 

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Rugged Compacts 


Action Cameras 


360-degree Cameras 


Bridge Cameras 


Mirrorless Interchangeable lens Cameras 


Modular Cameras 


Digital SLR Cameras


Drone Cameras


Denver Photography
Film Camera


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Photography Classes Denver CO

Photography Class from downtown denver

Idriss K Photography
Downtown Denver Photo


This Photo was taking downtown Denver on 16 Street Mall and 15 Street. The side street have serval beautiful Plant. It give the city a nice charm and adorable look. 


Idriss k Photography
Denver Mountain Street

Knowing how to compose a shot is very tricky. 

Denver Flower Idriss K Photography
Denver Flower

Focus and out of focus is nice to the eyes. 

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Denver Fashion : LE CHIC


Denver have what you called LE CHIC for fashion. The city have change over time. People from different culture have moved to Denver Colorado. Their are serval reason why a person would want to move to Denver Colorado. One of the reason most people say I moved to Colorado for the peace and the nice air of Colorado. Denver is close to any of the mountain you can think of in Colorado and you still have the city life and the mountain life which is nice. Denver Fashion:



Denver Fashion is growing slowly but it is good to see the fashion on Denver grow. I moved from New York City to Denver Colorado. The fashion in Denver wasn’t as equal to New York but Denver have it own fashion Style

Denver Union Station: Photography

Union Station is locate downtown Denver, Union Station is history mark. Check more photos taken by Idriss K Photography. 



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Denver Saturday Street Fashion: July 2018


Denver is a growing city due to the new business and new opportunities. People moved from different states to live in Denver which is making the city diverse. I am a photographer, I like to capture Denver people fashion and share.

This is the Saturday street fashion.




I called it like that because the photos was taken in Saturday downtown Denver.




If you like my work please comment down below. Let me know what you think about the look. If you want do a Photoshoot Contact Me. I respond very fast. July Saturday fashion Street look. This photos was taken by Idriss K Photography. On Saturday the city is very alive people are going out.

Denver Pavilions: Comic Con 2018


Denver Comic Con is June 15-17, 2018 at the Colorado Convention Center. Show hours are Friday & Saturday, 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. and Sunday, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.Proceeds from Denver Comic Con fund the staffing, supplies and infrastructure of The Classroom program, which gives educators fresh, innovative materials and training that use the power of pop culture to bring their classroom to life. Their debut curriculum, Storytelling Through Comics, is a graphic literature creation program that is offered to schools, teachers and community organizations.


Downtown Denver Street Photography: Colorado